Top Reasons Why Cloud Telephony is Important for Your Business Growth

Cloud telephony is the most advanced technology used in businesses where the customer call on the virtual number from any location and the virtual number works without any mobile number. Communication becomes easier by adapting cloud telephony.

Here are some advantages of cloud telephony to augment your business.

  • No Maintenance CostMany organizations face the lack of control with regular phone systems. Heavy dependency on the phone system for technical support on-premises can cost valuable time. The extensive waiting periods for engineers to update the physical equipment often leads to a lag in functioning.


  • Increased Control and Monitoring-  A cloud telephony helps companies to grow by minimising the missed revenue opportunities and it ensures that businesses don’t miss a single call from customers,  by providing unified notification systems in case if calls are missed during or after office hours. Additionally, it also allows to record calls for the better improvement of service. It provides the access to call logs, voice logs and generates automated caller database that can easily be integrated with CRM software.

 Superior Client Communication- Customer interactions are an integral part of every organization; unfortunately the outdated telephony process can create interruption. Client communications take place from multiple sources, including the business website, social media pages, and strategic system like CRMs. Opting for a cloud telephony service allows for a fast communication strategy.


  • Multi-location connectivity with Single Virtual Number

Cloud telephony helps to run businesses by enabling single virtual number to connect multiple office locations. The virtual number thus becomes important to the brand identity of the business, making it easy for customers to easily remember and connect with the brand across any location. When customers call on the virtual number, the data of the caller is saved by CRM.

Cloud telephony is simple to implement, easy to use, simple and affordable for every businesses.

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