Remarketing through CRM

remarketing through CRM

You have run various marketing campaigns with very low conversion rate. Relax, you are not alone. As a marketer focused on lead generation, you know that one of the greatest needs for your business is to find an effective way to convert every potential visitor into a client or customer. However, rather than abandoning your marketing strategy you can try remarketing i.e. remarket leads.


What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is making consistent efforts to reintroduce a product or service to leads who have shown even the slightest of interest in what you have to offer.


But how do you do that?

Here is where CRM comes to your rescue.


What is a CRM?

A CRM (Customer relationship management) is software that collects and manages data associated with your business contacts; leads, prospects, customers etc and also stores dynamic information like phone calls, meetings and any correspondence that you may have with your contacts.

A good CRM provides you with a robust automation, to trigger emails, reminders, appointments, and much more based on pre-determined criteria. It helps you create different segment lists based on your needs. Segments allow you to target your hot/cold leads on a massive scale with the minimum effort.


Re-marketing materials

There are various ways to connect with customers

  • Newsletter
  • Special deals or coupons
  • Social network updates
  • Browser advertisements


Tips to remarket using CRM

  • Clearly define your audience and objectives

A remarketing campaign should focus on bringing back lost leads encouraging them to perform an action. Work with your CRM analytics tools to segment your database of lost leads. Categorise them as per their level of interest so as to remarket them in a targeted manner.


  • Remarket your hottest leads first

You can determine the lost leads as per their level of interest by how long they spent their time looking at your website. Concentrate your remarketing efforts on to the hottest leads to have a better conversion rate.


  • Nurture your cold leads for more chances of conversion

Nurture your cold leads with interesting and compelling content. Avoid hard selling at all costs. Remain consistent with your remarketing and you will nurture the kind of relationship that will position your business as the ‘go-to’ for whatever products/services they are looking for.


  • Remarketing to existing customers

It is essential to continue marketing (remarketing) to your existing customers long after their initial purchase. Display ads or regular and consistent emails/newsletters may be used.

You can use similar content as you would for the cold leads as your objective here is to encourage your customer to purchase from you again.

Market and promote your business through social media.


  • Create remarketing lists

Create separate remarketing lists for those interested in buying your products vs those requesting for more information.


  • Integrate CRM user data into Google Analytics and use that data to create Google Ads remarketing Audiences.

Using your CRM data, you can run different types of campaigns such as email, SMS & calling campaigns for your warm and hot leads.


Remarketing is a way of building relationships rather than achieving direct sales and shows that you have the persistence to capture a lost audience. Use your CRM intelligently for effective remarketing.


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