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You are in a happy space where your business is growing. But not where you would want it to be in spite of your doubled sincere efforts. So where could you be lacking?

Well ! it’s time you look at your business functioning.BMS

Welcome to the world of Business Management Systems, welcome to e-Dynamics !

Compay’s Vision & Mission

“Ushering in the next big change, we are all set to simplify business”.

We have got what you need to Simplify Your Business!

e-Dyanamics is a fast growing Google partner company based in Pune, which provides comprehensive solutions to improve business performance in real estate sector for small, medium and large-scale enterprises across India. Currently, operating in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, they plan to expand in North India very soon.

e-Dyanamics Product:

Our Product, BMS, is a comprehensive system to integrate your business processes into one controllable platform that gives you real time information on the progress of your business.

There are 2 variants:

BMS for Builders & Developers and

BMS for Property Consultants

There are 4 BMS products to choose from:

BMS Standard

BMS Base

BMS Base Plus

BMS full package


What is BMS and why do I need BMS?

Let us delve into it

 As your business grows there will come a point where you would have to look at the software systems you currently use. The lack of integration among standalone applications means that personnel simply re-enter data into multiple systems with sizeable risk of error not to mention a laborious endeavour where time could be better spent.

  • Extremely flexible platform capable of adapting many technologies.
  •  Developed on most secure & flexible platform, Google Cloud Platform.
  • There are no limitations on users, projects, companies etc.
  • Easily comprehensible for employees with basic computer knowledge and English.
  • Tailor-made for real estate industry
  • Customer engagement.
  • Push web presence.
  • Generate analytical reports day-to-day activities.
  • The expansion of BMS network enables builders can also get the benefit of channel partner network.

There is a dedicated team, which spends adequate time with you to understand your needs and issues and demands of today’s competitive business world. BMS system has inbuilt features like Cloud telephony, SMS and emails sending capabilities.


TATA Reality, Gagan Properties, Vastushodh, Siddhivinayak Groups, Mont Vert, Namrata Group, Bhandari Associates, Primary Housing Corporation, Vision Creative Group, Shetty-Patil Developers, GBK Group, SR Group, Ranjee Developers, Aarohi Developers

Having a good Business Management System (BMS) helps your business to be more organized and profitable—while better serving customers. Go ! spread the word.


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