Did you know that the CRM system can manage your SMS campaigns, too?

SMS campaign using CRM

Mobile phones have become a necessity and are no longer the symbol of luxury. Mobile marketing has a potential to reach worldwide. When more than 50% of your total traffic comes from a mobile, you, too, should be setting up mobile marketing campaigns for your real estate projects. Bulk SMS marketing using CRM can bring a great push to your business.

How to use CRM in real estate project effectively? Well, here’s how…
What is the importance of CRM in real estate business? A real estate project tends to get a lot of enquiries but it is hard to keep track of your potential customer’s follow-ups. You need a tool that automates your day-to-day tasks such as reminders to take follow-ups, appointments, trigger emails or SMS etc. and that is where BMS software comes into the picture.

How BMS helps you run SMS campaigns effectively?
As aforementioned, BMS is a software or tool that automates your daily tasks.

With BMS you can run an SMS campaign on a new database or take advantage of remarketing of existing leads. All you have to do is import your database into BMS and send out a text message containing the details about your project. Once you start getting enquiries, you can also segment enquiries in lists as per the nature of interest. For instance, you can have a segment for people interested in the project or people wanting more information about the project. This way, it becomes easy to keep track of prospects.

What is remarketing in the SMS campaign?
Remarketing through CRM is a way to encourage your cold leads for chances of conversion. This is done by making consistent efforts that encourage prospects to act upon it. It is a great way to reconnect with customers who may not have shown an immediate interest in your project previously but there is always a possibility you might gain their interest. You can retarget such lost leads along with the leads that have previously enquired or shown interest in your project.

Remarketing is a clever way to convert prospects or leads into potential customers. It is about reminding your prospects about your services, products every once in a while.
For instance, you can let your prospects know about your
– New project launching
– Details about existing project
– Festive or seasonal offers
– Wish your customers greeting on festivals or special occasions etc.

BMS is a great software that makes your marketing easier. BMS helps increase productivity and eventually performance of your business.

Opt for BMS and start your SMS campaign today at affordable prices.

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